This Is My Title

Tateishi Harumi, Clover, 1934
Cool and snappy things to say when you see someone fall over


  • “clean up on aisle that guy”
  • “hahaha walk much?”
  • “wow looks like someone just fell over and that someone is you”
  • “hey look at ol’ stupid legs over here”
  • “hope you remembered your travel insurance and passport for that trip you just took lmao”
  • “it’s called ‘gravity’ get used to it bucko”

clean up on aisle that guy


(if you’re reading this i hope you know you’re wanted)


The first sip of tea is always the hardest.

that isn’t supposed to be inspirational, I’m just stating it’s fucking nerve-racking waiting for it to touch your lips and potentially having it melt your face off 


When I said I was “abandoning” this piece earlier, what I really meant was “ADD SUPER RAINBOW ALL THE RAINBOW RAINBOW POWER RAINBOW CHIN”

Alexander McQueen RTW FW 2014

Olafur Eliasson

James Bayard, 2010

mostly nature


Understanding a line of foreshadowing so well that you have to stand up and walk around the house saying “shit shit shit shit shit” until you’re composed enough to go back.